UCSC Stem Cells in the News

Grant supports UC Santa Cruz research on cause of childhood leukemia. Denise Lee. March 17,2014. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

California provides $40M for Stanford-led stem cell genomics center. January 29, 2014. GenomeWeb Daily News.

UCSC up to more than bioinformatics.  Theral Timpson. June 2, 2013. Mendelspod.

"Robo4" molecule may lead to safe/efficient bone marrow transplants. Tiffany Kaiser. January 7, 2011. DailyTech.

Gata-way to trophoblast development. February 1, 2010. Development.

Duct tape for broken chromosomes. Gary J. Gorbsky. January 21, 2010. Cell.

UCSC researchers trace the roots of a type of muscular dystrophy. Jane Palmer. January 31, 2010. Santa Cruz Sentinel.