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CRISPR Core Center manager 

please see UCSC job posting

Research Specialist

Postdoctoral Positions are available in the folowing IBSC labs:

Carpenter laboratory - The role of long noncoding RNAs in septic shock (contact Professor Carpenter)

Hinck laboratory - Breast Stem Cells (contact Professor Hinck)

Kim laboratory - Noncoding RNAs in stem cells and cancer (contact Professor Kim)

Sanford laboratory - Post-transcriptional gene regulation in stem cells (contact Professor Sanford)

Forsberg laboratory - Hematopoietic stem cells (contact professor Forsberg)

Wang laboratory - Prostate stem cell plasticity (contact professor Wang)

Shariati laboratory - Cell cycle and cell fate decisions in pluripotent stem cells (contact professor Shariati)

Vaske laboratory - Translational genomics pediatric cancer (contact professor Vaske)

Sharma laboratory - Small RNAs in germ cells and development (contact professor Sharma)

Salama/Haussler laboratory - The role of evolution in human development using pluripotent stem cells (contact Dr. Salama)

Chen laboratory - Development of the cerebral cortex in the mammalian brain (contact Dr. Chen)


Postdoctoral IRACDA fellowships (UCSC/CSUMB program):

Postdocs who are interested in becoming a fellow in the 4-year IRACDA program that combines training and mentoring in research and teaching/mentoring skills are invited to apply to the IBSC's IRACDA program


Updated: August 2020