IBSC Tissue Culture User Guidelines

Always speak with the facility manager if your project requires a deviation from the guidelines outlined below.

IBSC Stem Cell Resources

Required: UCSC Bloodborne pathogen training.

See the IBSC facility manger to arrange a tour and overview of the core regulations.

Lab Use Principles 

  • Human and mouse tissue culture are done in separate biohood spaces in the core. Live viral work is allowed only in the smaller tissue culture room, 463 Biomed. 
  • Do not move items, including carts, lab coats, and reagents, back and forth between the human and mouse areas.
  • When using both lab areas, always go from cleanest to less clean when feeding cells. The hESC lab is at a much higher level of cleanliness than the mouse area.
  • IBSC lab has an adjacent storage area for consumables designated with lab names.
  • There are separate waste streams for seralogical pipets and all other biohazard waste (plates, tips, tubes, etc.).


Before using any of the biohoods, spray 70% ethanol on the inside surfaces and wipe down all items going into the hood. Pay special attention to bottles coming from the water baths, since these are the biggest source of contamination.


Each time you are finished in the area, please do the following:

  1. Remove and dispose of waste and all other materials brought into the biosafety cabinets, using the appropriate hazardous waste containers.
  2. Empty the vacuum waste flask or bottle and refill it with about 100 ml of 100% bleach.
  3. Vacuum 10% beach into the tubing to make sure all media is cleared from the lines.
  4. Wipe surface areas again with 70% ethanol.
  5. Close the hood.
  6. Turn off the light and blower. 

Note: Environmental Health & Safety no longer recommends using the UV lights in biohoods. Seethe IBSC facility manager for details.


Ask for assistance before operating the centrifuges in both labs. They are different and require specific commands.


For ESC projects, you will be assigned space in one of eight incubators, depending on your sample source. One Hypoxia unit is available for low O2 studies or other controlled conditions.


Separate refrigerator space is available for hESC and mESC researcher. Please see the IBSC facility manager for assigned space if your lab does not already have one.


Weekly use for the SSCF facility in Sinsheimer is $45.00/per project. A project can be up to 3 researchers. New users will be charged a one-time $200 fee for training and facility orientation. Currently, we are not offering -80 or Liq. Nitrogen storage.