Congratulations to December Image Competition Winner Andreea Nistorica!

Old neurons can learn new tricks! By Andreea Nistorica
Wednesday, December 7, 2016

At the December 7, 2016 Stem Cell Journal Club meeting attendees cast votes for the best stem cell-related image. Andreea Nistorica, graduate student and member of the Feldheim lab won with her image titled, "Old neurons can learn new tricks!" She will now be entered for the “Best in Show” grand prize of $100 at the end of the school year.

Our next Stem Cell Journal Club Image Competition will take place February 1, 2017. To enter please submit an electronic version of the image to Rachel at by noon on January 31.

December Winner:

"Old neurons can learn new tricks!", by Andreea Nistorica
When the transcription factor Tbr2 is ectopically expressed in retinal ganglion cells in an adult mouse, they get reprogrammed and begin expressing the light-sensitive protein melanopsin. (Green: GFP mouse line marking retinal ganglion cells; Magenta: melanopsin)
Old neurons can learn new tricks! By Andreea Nistorica


Image must be own creation related to stem cell research; Caption must be 30 words or less; An electronic version of the image must be submitted to Rachel ( 24 hrs prior to each monthly meeting; must be present at Stem Cell Journal Club to win or to vote; if fewer than 2 images are submitted per meeting the competition is canceled (no prize); in case of a tie for 1st prize, Ben (Abrams) is tiebreaker.