UCSC Stem Cell Journal Club - October 4, 2017 Meeting

Speaker Name: 
Dr. Shang Cai
Speaker Title: 
Research Associate
Speaker Organization: 
Stanford University
Start Time: 
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 12:00
End Time: 
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 13:30
300 Biomedical Sciences Building, UCSC
Rachel Reed

The Stem Cell Journal Club is open to anyone interested in stem cell research. This meeting will feature a special seminar by Dr. Shang Cai. Please read the papers beforehand and come prepared to participate in the discussion. Please note that we will be in Biomed 300 for this meeting. 

Title: "Sleeping Angel or Dormant Beast? - the way that mammary stem cells and cancer initiating cells self-renew "

Suggested Readings: 

1. Zhao C*, Cai S*, Shin K, Lim A, Kalisky T,  Lu W-J, Clarke MF, Beachy PA. Stromal Gli2 activity coordinates a niche signaling program for mammary epithelial stem cells. Science. 356, eaal3485 (2017).
*cofirst author

2. Cai S, Kalisky T, Sahoo D, Dalerba P, Feng W, Lin Y, et al. (2017). A Quiescent Bcl11b high stem cell population is required for maintenance of the mammary gland. Cell Stem Cell. 2017 February 2; 20(2): 247–260.

Dr. Shang Cai is currently the assistant professor in Westlake Institute of Advanced Studies, Hangzhou, China. He received his bachelor degree of biological science in Peking University in 2003. He then went abroad to the Biochemistry Department of Indiana University for his PhD studies, working on the molecular mechanism of spindle assembly and chromosome alignment. After getting his PhD degree in 2009, he pursued his postdoc research in the Institute of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford University, working on the mechanism of self-renewal and fate specification of mammary stem cell and breast cancer stem cell. 

Research Interests:
Dr. Shang Cai’s research focuses on the role of mammary stem cell in the morphological and functional integrity of the mammary gland during puberty, pregnancy and lactation, as well as the role of breast cancer stem cells in cancer initiation, evolution, drug resistance, relapse and metastasis. 

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