Harbor High Biotechnology Research and Development Class Visits the IBSC

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Institute for the Biology of Stem Cells often offers lab tours of our tissue culture and flow cytometry facilities in the Biomedical Sciences building. Recently Harbor High School’s Biotechnology Research and Development career technical education course visited the facilities. This hands-on science course gives students real-world business, workforce, and laboratory skills that act as an entryway into working in a lab in college. Students need to have completed biology, chemistry, and two years of math before being able to take the course. 

Nehal Pfeiffer, who teaches the course, describes what visiting the lab is like for the classes’ students, "Before they visit the campus and institute, most don’t have an idea of what a real research facility looks and feels like or how stem cells really are used in research. By the time they leave, they have more questions and are surprised to learn that you can do research with instrumentation and computers and not only with test tubes and pipettes". In addition to learning about the stem cell research being done on campus, students learn about admissions and undergraduate research opportunities at UC Santa Cruz. After the tour, several students applied to UCSC in hopes of eventually working in one of our research groups. Last year 24 students visited, and five out of the six juniors that attended the tour applied to UCSC this year as seniors. Students from last year’s graduating class decided to pursue degrees in biomolecular engineering, molecular biology, biochemistry, and computer science. 

If you are interested in scheduling a tour of the facility please email Bari Nazario, Facilities and Flow Cytometry manager, at bnazario@ucsc.edu