IBSC researcher videos

Sofie (HHMI Senior Scientist, and UCSC Research Associate (Haussler lab)) explains the importance of basic stem cell research.

Alessandra (1st year graduate student in Forsberg lab) explains why she chose to study at UCSC and how she became interested in stem cell research.

Lauren (3rd year graduate student in the Haussler lab) explains how brain organoid models help researchers understand a type of childhood cancer.

David (graduate student in Kim lab) explains his research on the stem-cell like characteristics of cancer cells

Jason (postdoc in the Haussler wet lab) talks about his research in the Haussler wet lab. 

Smrithi (postdoc in the Forsberg lab) talks about her research on blood stem cells.

Stephany (graduate student in the Hinck lab) explains her research of mammary gland development.

Oscar (graduate student in the Hinck lab) talks about studying stem cells involved in milk production and how it relates to milk insufficiency syndrome.

Daniel (assistant professor) explains his lab's research on RNA that does not encode proteins

Roman (3rd year graduate student in the Kim lab) describes his research that focuses on identifying transcripts that are expressed during normal development and during cancer.

Taylor (3rd year graduate student in the Forsberg lab) describes her reserach focus on blood and immune system development in embryos during pregnancy. 



All videos by James McGirk and Karyn Skemp (some editing by Catharina Casper-Lindley)