UCSC Stem Cell Scholars (CIRM)

The UCSC Training Program in Systems Biology of Stem Cells, funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) from 2005 to 2015 has funded these scholars:



Lotti Brose
Lotti Brose—Sullivan laboratory, MCD Biology
The role of endosomes in stem cell self-renewal and differentiation

Susan Calhoun
Susan Calhoun—Forsberg laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Investigating the role of Vcam1+ sinusoidal endothelial cells in hematopoietic stem cell trafficking

Sam Fagg
Sam Fagg
—Ares laboratory, MCD Biology
Analyzing how RNA processing events influence cell fate during stem cell differentiation


Andrew Knutson
Andrew Knutson—Strome laboratory, MCD
How germ granules protect the totipotency of germ cells.

Mimmi Ballard
Mimmi Ballard—Hinck laboratory, MCD Biology
Understanding regulation of mammary gland stem cells in development and regeneration of epithelial tissues

Daniel Carlin
Daniel Carlin—Stuart laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Creating a stem cell genome browser and a stem cell classifier compendium

Kristel Dorighi—Tamkun laboratory, MCD Biology
Characterization of the functional conservation between chromatin-remodeling factors in drosophila and human stem cells

Andrew Field
Andrew Field—Haussler laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Characterization of long intergenic non‐coding RNAs induced in primate cortical neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells 

Tristan Frum
Tristan Frum
—Ralston laboratory, MCD Biology
Understanding how pluripotency is protected during early cell fate decisions in the mouse embryo (won an ASCB 2013 travel award to attend the American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting) 

David Greenberg—Haussler laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Studying the function of Human Accelerated Region 1 non-coding RNAs during embryonic stem cell neural differentiation

Muriel Kmet—Chen laboratory, MCD Biology
Studying directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into corticospinal motor neurons 

Martina Koeva—Stuart laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering 
A computational framework for high-throughput experimental data: hematopoietic and cancer-transformed stem cells. 

Stephanie McClymont—Tamkun laboratory, MCD Biology
The role of chromatin-remodeling complexes in the epigenetic regulation of stem cell self-renewal and pluripotency

Will McKenna—Hinck laboratory, MCD Biology (QB3 Stem Cell Predoctoral Scholarship)
Defining a role for netrin-1 and UNC5A in the striatal development and maintenance of the subventricular zone stem cell niche

Andrew Nguyen—Forsberg laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Determining molecular mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cell migration and location 

Courtney Onodera—Haussler laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Transcriptional enhancer activity of the ultraconserved elements during embryonic stem cell differentiation. 

Antony Parenti
Antony Parenti—Ralston laboratory, MCD Biology
Investigating stem cell reprogramming


Sharmila Chatterjee
Sharmila Chatterjee—Hinck laboratory, MCD Biology
Understanding the role of Lis1 in regulating stem cell division during mouse mammary gland development

Hanane Ennajdaoui
Hanane Ennajdaoui
—Sanford laboratory, MCD Biology
Investigating the developmental dynamics of protein-RNA interactions and the functional consequences in stem cell maintenance and neuronal differentiation

Paul Goetsch
Paul Goetsch—Strome laboratory, MCD Biology
Exploring regulation of developmental genes and their effect on pluripotency

Kiley James
Kiely James—Feldheim laboratory, MCD Biology
Studying the timing and mechanism of retinal ganglion cell type specification as they arise from stem cells

Jana Krietsch
Jana Krietsch
- Forsberg laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Epigenetic regulation of hematopoietic stem cell fate decisions

Karen Miga
Karen Miga—Haussler laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
A high resolution study of reprogramming-associated mutations in induced pluripotent stem cells

Olena Morozova
Olena Morozova
—Haussler laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Using neural progenitors derived from pluripotent stem cells as a system for the study of human gliomas

Hanane Ennajdaoiui
Qing Xie—Wang laboratory, MCD
How adult prostate basal cells regain their multipotent stem cell properties in the presence of oncogenic stimuli

Anna Beaudin
Anna Beaudin—Forsberg laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Studying developmental establishment of hematopoietic stem cells from pluripotent stem cells (won the 2013 Eugene Cronkite Award from the ISEH; won a travel award to that conference and to the 2013 Keystone Hematopoiesis conference)

Scott Boyer
Scott Boyer
Forsberg laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Employing novel mouse models to interrogate hematopoietic stem cell maintenance and engraftment mechanisms (won a travel award to the 2013 Keystone conference on Stem Cell Regulation in Homeostasis and Disease)

Denise Garcia—Zuo laboratory, MCD Biology
Studying the role of PTEN in hippocampal adult neural stem cells

Chao Guo—Chen laboratory, MCD Biology
Studying the role of the transcription factor Fezf2 in adult neural stem cells

Michael Halbisen—Ralston laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Resolving the impact of aging on reprogramming efficiency and stem cell quality

Megan Hall, PhD—Ares laboratory, MCD Biology
Regulated alternative splicing in response to intracellular signaling during stem cell differentiation

Gwyndolen Harburg—Hinck laboratory, MCD Biology
Investigating the role of SLIT/ROBO signaling in regulating mammary gland longevity by controlling stem and progenitor cell fate

Martin Hudson, PhD—MCD Biology
The role of Eph/ephrin signaling in mouse ES cell differentiation

Frank Jacobs—Haussler laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Identifying human-specific enhancers in neural cells of the brain

Shaila Kotadia
Shaila Kotadia—Sullivan laboratory, MCD Biology
Developing adaptive optics microscopy for live deep tissue stem cell imaging

Roland J. Nagel, PhD—Ares laboratory, MCD Biology
Regulated alternative splicing during stem cell differentiation

Will McKenna
Will McKenna—Chen laboratory, MCD Biology
Investigating how to precisely direct stem cells to generate specific neuronal subtypes

Anne Royou, PhD—Sullivan laboratory, MCD Biology
The role of cell cycle regulators in stem cell self renewal.

Neal Sweeney—Feldheim laboratory, MCD Biology
Studying the roles of two transcription factors in the development and fate of retinal ganglion cells 

Fernando Ugarte
Fernando Ugarte—Forsberg laboratory, Biomolecular Engineering
Studying epigenetic regulation of blood-line stem cells and their differentiation into mature blood cells and regulation of chromatin structure dynamics in normal and cancer stem cells

Dustin Updike—Strome laboratory, MCD Biology
Investigating the effect of P-granules on germ cell self-renewal and totipotency, RNA biogenesis, and nuclear integrity and stress resistance

Hema Vaidyanathan, PhD—MCD Biology
Characterization of Eph/ephrin signaling mechanisms in mouse and human embryonic stem cells.